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About Us

About US

Dr. Ralph Speth, CEO of Jaguar Automotive Group and Land Rover Group, who also has a track record at BMW, talks about the importance of good design: "Whenever you think you have spent a lot on a good design, you need to think about the huge costs that a bad (cheap) design imposes on your company."
With this introduction, which highlights the importance of good design in reducing the costs of companies and industrial organizations, we will introduce Araco.
 Azarakhsh Rail Aria-Araco Company has started its activity in 2010. By using experienced managers and skilled experts, we try to contribute to the development of design knowledge and increase the technical capacity of Iranian industries by providing technically and managerially distinct services. Our approach to achieving this is to have a scientific and systematic approach to issues while taking into account the implementation aspects of each project. This is one of the important differences between us and companies that do reverse engineering projects, product design, and simulation only in an academic way and have no executive work experience, and are not familiar with optimal production methods.
Applying a systemic approach requires a knowledge-based as well as pragmatic organization. That is why we at Araco are working to increase the organization's capabilities in these two areas.
In product design and reverse engineering of equipment and machinery, considering the customer's needs and understanding their demands is one of the main priorities of all managers and staff of Araco. Also, special attention to lean production, reducing production costs, and the environment is considered a moral obligation in all Araco projects.

Our values
Synchronizing our services with the development of industries and reducing the unemployment rate in Iran
Commitment to quality and perfection
respect to customer
Attention to the environment and nature

Why Araco?
In Araco, the sale and contract are not the ends, but the beginning of the commitment. We do our best to complete customer projects in the shortest possible time, but in the meantime, we will not sacrifice quality. It has been proven to us that apart from the ethical commitment to quality if all its dimensions are not carefully considered when implementing a project, we should spend more time on corrections and changes. For this reason, at the beginning of each new project and contract, taking into account all the items, including the time required to apply the changes desired by the employer, a Gantt chart is defined and we try to be committed to our schedule.

Since 2010, in addition to working in the field of business, we have decided to publish our knowledge and learnings for our dear Persian speakers. For this reason, we created 3 specialized blogs in the field of Solidworks training, design, and calculations related to hybrid cooling towers and cooling towers, tunnel ventilation, and fire and fire simulation. In blogs, we mostly tried to provide technical information and explanations required by users.

Solidworks Blog
In this blog, we provided tutorials related to the sketch, feature, sheet metal, and chassis design sections. Of course, we have included a section for downloading Solidworks educational booklets and books in PDF format. In the other part, we prepared Persian educational videos for users. Of course, these SolidWorks educational videos are also on the Arako Aparat channel. Links to download different versions of SolidWorks software along with these and plugins are also located in another section of the blog.
The address of the specialized blog for education and acquaintance with SolidWorks: http://solidworks-iran.blog.ir

Cooling tower blog
The cooling tower is the heart of the cooling system of production lines and some industrial devices. In this blog, we tried to explain things about saving water consumption, preventing hardness and sediment in the Cooling tower, a hybrid cooling tower. As for the cooling tower accessories, in separate sections, we explained the difference between the types of packing, filling, media, dripper, and fan. Cooling tower training video and download of CTI standards, cooling tower articles and training books are other sections of this blog.
Cooling Tower specialized blog address: http://cooling-tower.blog.ir

Araco has focused its main activities in the following areas by separating specialized working groups

Reverse engineering of machines and equipment
Industrial design, product design, and 3D modeling with SolidWorks
Fluid and mechanical simulation and analysis - CFD simulation
Online Solidworks courses
Design and simulation of tunnel ventilation and industrial ventilation
Design, selection, and consulting in the field of cooling towers
Consulting in the field of rail transport, including fleet (locomotive), railway, troubleshooting, and increasing productivity

Contact us: Info@araco.ir
Official website: http://araco.ir/en
Cell phone: +98 912 4780268 (Whats app - Telegram - Imo)
Office: +98 21 66561974, +98 21 66129745
Sample projects: www.instagram.com/araco.ir
Link to Solidworks Tutorial & Training PDF Free Download page