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Tunnel ventilation and Industrial ventilation

Tunnel ventilation and Industrial ventilation

Industrial ventilation design and simulation

In recent years Contemporaneous with the advancement of technology, a special consideration need to transport infrastructure has been raised. One of the main methods of transportation is road and rail transportation. The main feature of this methods of transportation, is their generality, which requires special attention to details of design and construction.
Iran also have developed tunnel digging recently issues related to tunneling, has been of particular importance and the resalat tunnel in Tehran, the first tunnel ventilation design project and control system was undertaken.

  • Design and Simulation of road / rail tunnel ventilation

  • Design and simulation of industrial ventilation

  • Metro Ventilation Design and Simulation

Design and Simulation of road and rail tunnel ventilation

The new drilling techniques and TBM devices has led to the possibility of digging long tunnels in less time than usual. One of the requirements of digging long tunnels, is proper ventilation. The most common method of urban tunnels ventilation is the longitudinal ventilation using jet fans.
To cause proper and healthy ventilation in tunnels, additional to equipment, correctly design and detailed calculations of pollutants and environmental conditions are needed.

In order to carry out tunnel ventilation computing feasibility studies, there are processes that must be performed on a regular basis and with a particular order. In order to basic acquaintance with tunnel ventilation calculation process, the main steps of the process, will be mentioned as followed:

  • Finding out technical drawings and geographical position of the tunnel

  • Studying the Climatic traffic characteristics of the region and view

  • Studying the status of pollutants produced by vehicles and analysis of traffic statistics

  • Calculations to determine required flow rate for ventilation in traffic and fire mode

  • Studying different methods of ventilation and selection of appropriate method

  • Flow simulation inside tunnels with Fluent , SES and flow works software

  • Figuring out all ventilation equipments on chosen method, along with Technical Specification

Araco by having the suitable knowledge, work experience in the field of tunnel ventilation and utilizing of Finite element flow simulation techniques is present to carry out projects in road and rail tunnel ventilation design with high certitude and quality.


Design and simulation of industrial ventilation

Improved ventilation and sanitary conditions inside the silo and factories in addition to raising the efficiency of labors, plays a fundamental role in reducing the damage caused by pollutants, the equipment inside the workshop and factory. In fact, the purpose of design of industrial ventilation is not necessarily heating and cooling , but also reducing the concentration of pollutants in the environment by removing emissions and getting fresh air.

Environmental pollutants can include different items:
1-  Pollutants produced by internal combustion engines such as diesel generators, forklifts and heavy machinery, which are mainly in the form of combinations of carbon and nitrogen and soot in the environment.

2- Chemical contaminants that are generally caused by chemical processes within the production line in many industries, including the production of zinc, steel, acid production, mushroom production and even Avicultures . This type of pollutants in addition to severe injuries to personnel health, cause severe corrosion of equipment.

3-  Particulate, this type of contamination is extremely common in the manufacture of cement, steel, fiberglass and rock wool, Woodworking Shops and Coal production workshops.  This particulates in the absence of proper ventilation after breathing, causing acute and chronic diseases and at the same time can severely damage the electrical circuits and mechanical equipment.

According to late subjects it is recommended that for the design of industrial ventilation for warehouses, factories and workshops with using Jet fan or axial fans reviews of the professionals must be used, not just dealers. However, after simulations of air flow inside the enclosure, the resulting data to be matched with the nearest weather station information.

Design and Simulation of parking ventilation using jet fans

Construction and operation of commercial and office complex is highly booming, according to the optimal use of existing spaces in major cities.

Due to the compression of space in such complexes , parkings are designed with assumption to use the most space possible. Large numbers of cars in parkings and enclosed spaces, it will be certainly necessary to design a very powerful ventilation system. In such situations, we recommend to use of jet fans for parkings ventilation. At the same time, for the installation of such a ventilation system it must first be carried out to simulate flow rate in the parking .

It should be noted that due to the high cost of this type of ventilation system, design and simulation must be carried out by the consulting companies. Designing by manufacturers and retailers can lead to a sharp increase in project costs.

PyroSim and FDS Simulations

PyroSim is a graphical user interface for the Fire Dynamics Simulator (FDS). PyroSim helps companies to create and manage the details of complex fire models. PyroSim and FDS are both using as main softwares to simulate the fire reaction in different environments like Building, parking lot, Subway, Tunnel, Cinema, Commercial office complex and others. Meanwhile it is possible to define smoke detectors and sprinklers in 3D model, in order to examine the current design in case of fire with both softwares.
You can link PyroSim results with Pathfinder software which is advanced movement simulation combined with high-quality 3-D animated results, gives reliable answers.