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Reverse Engineering and Industrial Design

Reverse Engineering and Industrial Design

Mechanical reverse engineering service

At the beginning of this section, we want to answer the question of why we do reverse engineering from a device or product?
In the reverse engineering method, all the parts of the device and the type of connection between them, are identified. The main goal in localization using reverse engineering is to reduce the price of that product or device and make it possible to produce it without dependence on other companies.

reverse engineering

One of the most significant points when producing a device or part from its sample is to be familiar with the concept of reverse engineering and to know the difference between it and copying. In the process of copying a machine or product, all parts will be copied in the workshop without technical documentation. In this traditional method, documents, drawings, and three-dimensional models of the device will not be prepared and the material of each part will not be evaluated. As a result, after the production of the device copied from the foreign sample, the correction of parts or changes in the appearance of the device is done only by trial and error.

The method of copying a product or external device will seem to cost less for the employer, but due to the lack of principles, usually the number of times of trial and error and causing problems in the copied device, will cost much more than the reverse engineering process.
Also, in the method of copying a piece or product, the process is performed by a workshop, in which the employer will be dependent on that workshop and it is not possible to produce a copied product outside that workshop.
In contrast, reverse engineering of industrial parts and equipment, is a completely principled process that includes activities such as disassembly, assembly, 3D modeling, production drawing, and material analysis, and the client will not be dependent on a specific supplier.

Solidworks design and modelingSolidworks 3D model will help reverse engineering process

In the reverse engineering method, after measuring and modeling the 3D model of the device, using software such as SolidWorks, Catia, etc., complete information is extracted from all parts and elements of the equipment. As a result, the company can produce the device with knowledge of how each of the parts and components of the device works and functions.

The benefits and advantages of reverse engineering

Another advantage of the reverse engineering method is that due to the elimination of the trial and error process, the work speed will be increased and it is possible to make changes in the device. At this stage, using software such as Solidworks, the working conditions of the device can be observed before and after applying changes in the 3D environment, and possible defects can be eliminated before production.

What is cost-effective production in reverse engineering?

A very important question that we want to answer in this section is what production volume is needed to make a device or product economical. To do an economic activity or start production, you must first consider your plan economically. We always remind our dear customers at the beginning of the price inquiry that consumer products such as home appliances and some industrial equipment will be economical if produced in large numbers. The reason for this is the overhead cost of designing and manufacturing molds and fixtures.
Of course, some low-volume machines and machines are also economical, especially industrial production machines and machines, some of which are economical in the current state of production or reverse engineering, and will be cheaper than foreign models.

Araco company, with the cooperation of experienced experts and suitable background in the field of industrial activities, is ready to carry out industrial design projects, three-dimensional modeling of machines and devices and reverse engineering services of equipment and parts with SolidWorks software in the shortest time and with the best quality. 
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