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Rotor stator homogenizer
16 Apr 1400

Rotor stator homogenizer

What is a Homogenizer or Emulsion Pump?

The emulsion pump, also known as the Rotor stator Homogenizer and the High Shear Mixer, is used to homogenize solutions. The homogenizer mixer has a lot of complexity and requires high manufacturing accuracy. for example, In the paint and resin industry, color additives and powders are mixed using an emulsion pump(Homogenizer). The difference between a homogenizer and other mixers is that it disperses fine solid particles evenly and homogeneously in the mixture.

Rotor stator Homogenizer

Homogenizer types

Mixers and homogenizers that are used to combine different materials are divided into 3 main types. Of course, it is better to pay attention to exactly what you want to use the mixer for. For example, for the paint and resin industry, we recommend using a combination of mechanical and ultrasonic mixer homogenizers. The three different types of emulsion pumps are:
- Ultrasonic mixer
- Mechanical rotor-stator homogenizer (high pressure)
- Bead mill system

Particle mixing method in the high-pressure mechanical homogenizer

The main part of this device is the rotor and stator. The rotor blades move between the stator blades at a very high speed (3000 rpm). The process of breaking and shredding particles occurs due to the very high speed of the material colliding with the fixed blades and the movement of the material at a very high speed between the fixed and moving layer of the stator and the rotor. This very high rotational speed and the short distance between the stator and the rotor cause a lot of shear stress to form in the liquids and since the fluid does not withstand shear stress, the speed of the liquid rises. Increasing the fluid velocity will cause the particles in the solution to become micronized (fine-grained).

تنش برشی در سیال و مایع
As you can see in the image above, the amount of shear stress in liquids is directly related to the relative velocity of the two layers (rotor and stator) and inversely related to the distance between the two surfaces. This is why the higher the velocity and the shorter the distance between the rotor and stator blades, the higher the shear stress, and thus the homogeneity of the emulsion mixture will be achieved. The important thing is that the shorter distance between the rotor and the stator, the closed tolerances, and the very high manufacturing accuracy will be required. As a result, the knowledge of designing and manufacturing emulsion pumps is limited to a few companies.

امولسیون پمپ و هموژنایزر

ARACo Homogenizer applications

-Homogenizer for paint industry
-Rotor stator Homogenizer for ink production
-Homogenizer for producing Fertilizer
-High share mixer for food industries

ARACo homogenizer

We can design and manufacture a homogenizer mixer with the following specifications in ARACo:
Power: from 4 kW to 22 kW
Linear speed: from 15 m / s to 45 m / s
Flow: From 250 L / min to 1000 L / min
Pump head: from 2 m to 9 m
Number of stages: from 2 to 12 stages

For more information and to order an industrial homogenizer(emulsion pump) in middle-east(Turkey, Iraq, Qatar ,Oman, UAE ,KSA, Syria, Afghanistan) contact us:

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