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Food industry homogenizer
28 Mar 1402

Food industry homogenizer

Application of homogenous mixer in the food industry

Due to the high quality of fruits, vegetables, milk, and dairy products in Iran and the use of modern equipment, the food industry has grown significantly. Many Iranian food and dairy products are exported to neighboring and some European countries
Products such as mayonnaise and ketchup, tomato paste, fruit concentrate, chocolate, milk, yogurt, butter, and other dairy products are possible.
In many products, homogeneity is one of the important factors in quality and price. For this reason, if a company wants to make a good profit from its products, it must consider a high-quality level in production.

Types of homogenizers in the food industry

The model of the homogenizer in the food industry is selected based on the products, production volume, and the required amount of particle homogenization. The main examples that are used to produce the product are:
- Bead mill homogenizer
- High-pressure homogenizer (piston)
- Stator homogenizer rotor homogenizer

ARACo homogenizer middle east

HS series steel homogenizer mixer is the highest class of ARACo homogenizer, which is a very good option for food, dairy, and pharmaceutical factories. We produce the HS series homogenizer from steel parts (SS316 or SS304) and we use the best quality brands in the market in the selection of bearings, couplings, and various components of this series.
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