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Savonius turbine
27 Aug 1401

Savonius turbine

Why wind turbine?

Global warming, increasing greenhouse gases and pollution are among the most important problems caused by excessive use of fossil fuels. Using clean energy such as wind and sunlight is one of the ways to save the earth from pollution and heat.
Wind energy has always helped mankind throughout history. Old ships and windmills are among the most important inventions that helped humans to do their jobs easier.
In recent years, countries have paid more attention to the use of wind energy. Large wind turbines, which are used as electricity generators on an industrial scale, are among these cases.

wind turbine

Wind turbine for houses

But progress in the field of electronics made the idea of ​​using wind energy in homes to form. Savonius wind turbine is a excellent option for small and medium scale electricity supply. The geometric shape of the Savonius turbine blade has made it impossible for everyone to build it.

ARACo Savonius composite turbine blade

We have always paid special attention to the field of renewable energies in ARACo. In addition, we have acquired the ability to produce fiberglass and composite parts in industrial projects.
Using this ability and the special importance we give to the environment, we succeeded to produce the Savunius turbine blades.
Now we are producing the Savonius turbine blade from composite materials. These blades can be used for wind turbines with a power of 500 to 1500 kilowatts and for supplying electricity to houses, roads and small workshops.

Savonius blade frp

In addition to this turbine blade model, we can produce wind turbine blades up to a height of 3 meters for the Middle East countries(like Oman, UAE, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Qatar and Iraq) as well as all European countries with reasonable prices and excellent quality.
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