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Cooling tower net splash fill
7 Sep 1398

Cooling tower net splash fill

Cooling tower splash fills

Using anti-fouling net splash fill makes sense as a very good solution to increase efficiency. Cooling tower Splash filling has many advantages over film fills.

Cooling tower Splash filling middle east

The Benefits of Using Net Splash fills in a Cooling Tower

1- Durability
2. Applicable for high TDS and hard water
3. Acid and alkaline resistance
4. High-temperature resistance
5. Easy maintenance


Technical properties

Material: PP,Polypropylene
Max Temperature : 80 degree centigrade
Effective evaporation surface area : Up to 125 m2/m3
Size : 92*45*60 cm

In most industries and factories, using cooling tower splash anti-fouling fill/filling will lead to increased efficiency and productivity and also reducing repair time and cost.
We can provide high-quality Polypropylene -PP net splash fills for cooling towers from iran to Iraq, Afghanistan, Turkey, and other middle eastern countries.
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