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Free surface simulation and modeling
4 Jun 1399

Free surface simulation and modeling

One of the methods used in engineering sciences to predict conditions in the environment is simulation. Simulation has different types and is very common in mechanical, electrical engineering and medical engineering, etc.
Simulation predicts how the system will behave in a certain situation. With the help of analysis results and outputs, we can find out about the status of a system in the desired conditions and if we see a weakness or problem, we can fix the system or device with the lowest possible cost.

Simulation benefits

Analysis and simulation is one of the ways to reduce the costs of designing and making prototypes.
For example, when a company produces a new product, before introducing the product to the market, with the help of related software, it performs various simulations on the a product and optimizes the product design. Otherwise, the product may have many problems and defects after entering the market and damage the reputation of a company.

Free surface simulation

One of the types of simulation is simulation and simulation of fluids and heat transfer. In fluid simulations, the behavior of liquid or gas in the environment is predicted. Among the things that are obtained in the analysis of fluids and heat transfer, we can mention pressure, temperature, speed and the way the fluid moves. Liquid free surface simulations are also a subset of CFD analysis and simulation.
Analysis and modeling of the movement of liquid like water inside channels and chambers where the liquid surface is in contact with air is known as two-phase flow simulation or free surface. The complexity of this type of simulation is mostly due to the fact that the geometric form of the surface of water or other fluids changes due to movement, displacement and other factors.

سیمولیشن حرکت آب در کانال روبازSimulation of water movement in the open channel, simulation and modeling of water flow inside the open channel of the river

In this way, the simulation of the fluid movement is dependent on time, and this type of simulation is called Time transient simulation. In this simulation method, the simulation time is specified and unlike Steady State simulations, the simulation result is not related to stable conditions. For example, in simulating the way water drains from the back of a dam, it is possible to simulate the geometry of the water surface in a certain period of time. Another case of simulation of liquids and fluids in this case is the intensity and manner of the impact and momentum of the liquid on the walls of the tank in lateral shocks. An example of this type of simulation is the force from the liquid into the body of the tanker.
Some examples of free surface liquid flow simulation are:
- Simulation of water flow inside the channel
- Simulation of how liquid moves inside the tank
- Wave simulation and modeling
- Simulation of the movement of frigates, boats and ships in the water
- Modeling fluid movement inside the tank
- Flood simulation

مدلسازی سیل

Flood modeling
An example of the simulation of the movement of water inside the canal by Araco

شبیه سازی موج

Simulation and modeling of the movement and impact of water waves on the marine platform by Araco
Wave simulation

Araco company, with a lot of experience in industrial analysis and simulations, is ready to perform all kinds of free surface simulations in Solidworks
- Simulation of water movement in an open channel
- Simulation of liquid movement in the tank
- Simulation and simulation of waves
- Analysis and simulation of the effect of waves on marine structures
- Simulation and modeling of floods and landslides
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