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solidwork is better or Catia
30 Jul 1395

solidwork is better or Catia

Solidworks is better or Catia

No doubt raised the question, for many factories, companies and students of mechanical engineering, who will choose which of the many applications of mechanical engineering.

Solidworks vs CATIAWith the advent of software engineering and mechanical engineering at its head, has increased sharply, the pace of research and development products while at the same time reduced the cost of a product design to manufacturing process. Fifth-generation software for mechanical engineering, which are main arms companies at all stages of design, engineering and manufacturing, and are involved in all these processes, have created another leap in increasing the speed of technological progress. In fact, the process of design, engineering and manufacturing computer (CAD / CAE / CAM) has come to the help of engineers and designers, to pay higher accuracy to creativity and innovation. Of course, the process of design, engineering and manufacture of computer, fifth generation software for mechanical engineering. despite the late twentieth century, AutoCAD software, products of Autodesk company , the mechanical industry and its subset, construction industries and even electricity and telecommunications have been virtually unopposed, after the arrival of new software and increase the functionality of the software , companies, factories and universities moved towards them.

Solidworks market share