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Part1 - Reverse engineering
22 Jul 1395

Part1 - Reverse engineering

Reverse engineering science is said to come from answers to questions and in fact, the process of discovering the technological principles of a device, object or a system that is obtained through analysis of its structure an function.

In most cases, the subject under discussion is a mechanical, electrical , software or a biological or chemical substance without having previous knowledge and only by separating and analyzing how it functions, is trying to create a new instance of it. Reverse engineering is mainly used in commercial and military use

Reasons to Use Reverse Engineering

  • Software renovation : As a whole reverse engineering is required to understand the current status of the program .
  • Software maintenance: Reverse engineering of software can provide the necessary documentation to understand the current state of the system software.
  • Product analysis : To see how works a product, what are its components, cost estimates, and identify potential property rights.
  • Security review
  • Obtain sensitive information to help assemble Diss and analysis of design of system components.
  • Remove copy protection, bypass access restrictions.
  • Make copies without permission - not confirmed.
  • Scientific - training purposes

For reverse engineering mechanical parts, required three main information that each of these information extraction requires methods, skills and specific experience and all of them are vital. Without a doubt, extract the required information for reverse engineering of industrial parts with possession of equipment, devices and proficiency in engineering software will not be possible. It requires a correct understanding of the role, functions and performance pieces, as well as work experience in similar fields. The main information needed to carry out reverse engineering projects are given below..

1-Dimensions informations
2-ingredients ivformations

3-Manufacturing process

This question may arise that a lot more information is needed to manufacture one piece. Information such as used environment, application, parts involved, the task of pieces in the collection, tensions actions and even longevity and cost of design, material and manufacturing process of a piece, are very critical, but as explained in the first article was reverse engineering, product design and production process, without over or even having knowledge of the design.

In the coming weeks the expression of any of the information required to carry out reverse engineering process will be considered as a special case.