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Product Data Management System
14 Jul 1395

Product Data Management System

Solidworks Product Data Management System

Product Data Management – PDM , is a fifth-generation software for CAD ,is additional section of an application to search, control and manage data associated with a product. This information usually includes technical features, Builders and developer of product Information and consumed alloys and materials.

Using PDM , especially in large industrial companies and collection allows people and different teams with different specializations at the same time work on the parts and sophisticated products with a wide range of features and standards.

Solidworks PDM
Two different versions of PDM software include: PDM work group and PDM Enterprise. Which version of the Work Group for companies with less than ten systems that use Solidworks as the original software. But PDM Enterprise version for companies with more than 10 systems have been proposed. another advantage of the Enterprise Edition is the ability to communicate between different software. this version even access and edit of reports and information files, such as files Office word / Exel offers for related parties.

Another feature of this software to calculate the costs and time of production parts and products. Enterprise PDM, simulation units responsible for the internal communication in a company or project at different levels which helps you design to minimize mistakes and prevent from interfering with models, drawings and product information.