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Industrial consulting, product optimization
12 Feb 1398

Industrial consulting, product optimization

Industrial consulting and product optimization

How can we optimize a product?
What are the processes and methods of prototyping and endemic manufacturing of products or machines?
How can we define the relationship between R&D, manufacturing, and QC teams?
Is there any way to make prototyping more productive?
Which one should we focus on? Time, cost, or quality?
What can we do to reduce the manufacturing cost and where, to begin with?
What are the differences between product design, reverse engineering, and a copy?
These and many other questions need to be asked before a manager decides to enter a new market. Without a doubt, management has differences, as well as similarities in distinct branches and these differences, make demand for professional knowledge in any field of business for a manager.

Defining the market and product, bench marketing, study the weaknesses and strengths, reverse engineering and re-design, patent-pending, prototyping and mass producing, marketing, system control and systematic innovating are all strategic necessities of a business that needs planning.

One of the key points of this section is developing a new product, and to achieve this goal there are usually two procedures: reverse engineering or product design.
Reverse engineering is the procedure of obtaining technical knowledge by studying its similar products. Unfortunately many mistake the phrase “Studying” with “measuring” and they only check dimensions, materials, surface hardness, and other physical properties. But reverse engineering means understanding the reason behind every choice in process of engineering design.
This is the only way that a company achieves technical knowledge and will be able to develop a product by itself. Another reason behind this “studying” is to endemic a product. For example, the main product may use imperial units, but your country uses metric units. The size of standard parts like bolts, bearings, profiles, etc. are different and therefore you need some analysis before replacing them.
ARA Co with its extensive experience in reverse engineering and design of new products is now ready to share its knowledge with industries and investors in the following sectors:

  • Marketing and sale engineering
  • Business development/start-up from prototyping to mass production
  • Reverse engineering and product design consulting
  • Industrial design, engineering design, and product design
  • Power calculation and selection of power supply chains such as electric motor and gearbox

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