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Fire and smoke simulation
28 May 1395

Fire and smoke simulation

Pyrosim fire simulation

Predicting how fires will spread, is one of the things that helps designers  to prevent the spread of severe fires, using proper equipment. In this way, by creating a correct arrangement and choosing the right ventilation equipment, it is possible to help evacuate the smoke, and at the same time provide the conditions to prevent the expansion of the smoke layer and combustion gases downwards.
Using pyrosim, you can see the hypothetical movement of smoke at the time of the fire.

Fire simulation with pyrosim in middle east

Fire simulation software such as FDS-Fire Dynamics Simulator software and Pyrosim software is one of the tools that can be used in this field. With the help of PyroSim fire simulation software, different scenarios during fires in places such as tunnels, parking lots, metro stations, residential complexes, gyms, cinemas, data centers, and factories can be studied.
It should be noted that specialized firefighting software does not consider fire only as a source of heat, but in these applications, fire is a dynamic chemical reaction, which has different outputs such as heat and combustion gases. Is considered.
To perform simulation and fire analysis, first, a three-dimensional model of the desired location should be prepared and then the simulation should be performed by specifying the material in the environment and the hypothetical fire location and intensity and type of fuel, as well as specifying the ventilation equipment. The outputs of fire simulation are: how the spread of fire and combustion gases, how the fire spreads over time, the temperature situation of different places during the fire, and the effective visibility of people in different places.