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Revers Engineering - Part III
10 Jul 1395

Revers Engineering - Part III

Revers Engineering - Part III

In the past, explained the definition of reverse engineering, applications, and its objectives and basic information required for the reverse engineering process. It was also talked about the first part of this process, which is extracted dimensional information. In this article we will explain, in another process in reverse engineering is required.


Each of the components of a system that is designed to achieve a specific purpose, requires certain features. In a car there are thousands of pieces that each of them has duty and should be designed to have the best performance. The tire must be flexible and at the same time show high resistance against tension and pressure. Be sure the chassis is rigid and as light as possible. The cylinder body should be cast easily and have a good turning capabilities and at the same time have a high heat transfer coefficient.


Access to these features would not be possible without detailed information of ingredients piece and if that's not the same physical and chemical characteristics of the two pieces together, even with full compliance of dimensional characteristics, will remain incomplete reverse engineering process and the end product will meet the needs of the target.

Author: Hossein Gorbanalibeik - Director of reverse engineering and modeling - Araco Company