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Cooling tower fills flute size
29 Sep 1402

Cooling tower fills flute size

Cooling tower fillings classification

The cooling tower is one of the most essential equipment in the factory production line. Among the cooling tower components, fillings can drastically change the efficiency and useful life of the cooling tower.
Choosing "cooling tower fillings" wisely, we must understand their role. Cooling tower fillings have two essential functions:
1- Increasing the surface of evaporation in the cooling tower
2- Increasing the contact time between air and water in cooling water
Both goals are about increasing the amount of water evaporation.
Cooling tower fillings could be separated into two types of film and splash in terms of how they work in water evaporation.

Cooling tower fills flute definition

In film-type filling, shaped sheets are connected together to form a fillings block. The distance between two sheets in a filling block is called the FILLS FLUTE SIZE. In other words, as you can see in the image below, if you measure the maximum distance of the hexagons in the honeycomb from the top of the block, the measured distance is twice the value of the flute.

Cooling tower fills flute size

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