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Cooling tower fan function
25 Feb 1400

Cooling tower fan function

Cooling fan

The fan in the cooling tower is responsible for creating airflow to increase evaporation efficiency. The higher the quality of the fan and blades, the lower the power consumption and the less vibration the device will have. Of course, just as choosing a poor fan with less aeration than the design conditions can prevent the cooling water from reaching the desired cold temperature, too large blades at high speeds can cause the droplets to splash out too much. Will increase water consumption in the cooling tower.

Classification of fan cooling tower based on location

As you know, cooling towers are divided into two types of suction and blowing in terms of airflow. Metal cooling towers are usually of the blowing type, the fan of which is located at the air inlet and is usually made of the centrifuge type (centrifugal). That sucks the air out. The fiberglass cooling tower, which is better known in the industry, is also of the suction type (Induced draft cooling tower), which consumes less electricity than the forged draft cooling tower. Our description in this article is about cooling tower suction fans, which are of the axial fan type.

Cooling tower fan material

Since the diameter of the blades varies according to the dimensions of the cooling tower, the material of the blades also largely depends on the diameter. For diameters greater than 2 meters, your choice is to use a fiberglass fan. Of course, in some cases, aluminum and metal fans have been used in older cooling towers.

Plastic fan (Multi-Wing fan)

This model of blades, which are usually made of plastic injection, is for use in small towers and is used up to 1.5 to 2 meters in diameter. In diameters between 0.5 meters to 1.5 meters, some manufacturers also use metal impact fans, which are slightly heavier.

Cooling plastic fan

Aluminum or metal fan

Many old concrete cooling towers used aluminum, galvanized, or steel blades. The reason for using this type of blade was usually that the composite technology had not grown as it does today. Among these blade and fan models, the aluminum blade, which is produced using the Poltrud method and in the form of a blade, is still used in some projects. The aluminum fan used in projects in Iran is usually the product of companies such as ilmed fan or Cofimco fan, which will be very expensive and difficult to import due to the rising price of the dollar. The best option to replace the aluminum fan is to use a fiberglass composite blade with heat and corrosion-resistant resin.

Aluminium fan for cooling tower middle east

Fiberglass Airfoil Fan

Advances in the field of composite materials in recent decades have opened the door to the ventilation industry. The characteristics of a composite fan (fiberglass is a type of composite) are lightness, high strength, resistance to direct sunlight, and the ability to create radiations in the radius. Because of these unique features, if you want to buy a fan with a diameter of 2 meters (approximately 6 feet) to 7.5 meters (25 feet) for a cooling tower or air cooler, the fiberglass fan is the best choice. It may be interesting to know that the fiberglass fan itself can be produced in both blade and twisted forms, each of which has its characteristics.
With the help of modern fan design software, using modern design and simulation methods, and unique experience in the field of cooling towers and air conditioners, we can produce cooling towers and air conditioners up to 7.5 meters in diameter. All produced blades are delivered with galvanized or steel hubs and clamps in a completely balanced set.

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