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Reverse engineering - Part II
26 Jul 1395

Reverse engineering - Part II

But in this series of articles is tried, the industrial use of this method has been studied, particularly in the context of reverse engineering components and devices., to the analysis of macro strategies of defense and national economy. problem solving andest methods No doubt have noticed that reverse engineering is not only a method for use in industry, but has much wider applications. tIn the first section, the definition of reverse engineering and its applications in science, explained, industries and processes. 
As mentioned before, to reverse-engineer a component or device is required, three types of informations. At first glance, it may seem that, correct and complete understanding of the dimensions of the piece, will be the most important information.
To accurately measure the dimensions of the piece, as a first step of reverse engineering process, there are a variety of methods and equipment. In terms of technology, methods of measurement in mechanical engineering is divided into two parts:
  1. Manual measurement methods (traditional)
  2. Computerized measurement methods (modern)
اTraditional methods of measurement can be noted to equipment such as micrometers, calipers (Vernier caliper), time of measurement, gauges, fixtures and more. In modern measurement methods, the need for speed measurement, reduce human error involved, increased accuracy and the ability to compare the dimensions of complex surfaces led to other approaches be developed to measure the dimensions of the parts. for example, the exact dimensions of a gas turbine blade surface, not possible with traditional methods. However, these measurements in order to monitor regularly the full dimensions of parts in a factory, is essential, especially in sensitive parts to increase device performance and avoid many dangers. Thus, methods based on computer systems and with the help of mechanical sensors, and optics were presented in scientific and industrial centers. The method in factories, and leading companies, mostly for quality control and other companies, for the purpose of reverse engineering are used. The method and the equipment can be used as follows.
  • CMM – Coordinate Measuring Machine
  • Laser Scanner
  • Cloud point Scanner
In systems CMM, which are the most accurate computer dimensional measuring equipment, a highly accurate sensor (Probe), mechanically treats the surface and the exact dimensions of the piece is measured by sensors.The system is very accurate measurement, but the speed is low.

Laser Scanner equipment , are used to perusing profiles. For example, in a line of bearing, for accurate measurement Bore and OD or to check cross-section profiles a gear, this type of device can be used. The advantage of Laser Scanner devices, speed is very high. So that measurement of the cross-section components, it can even be done without stopping the production line.