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Reverse engineering - Part II
26 Jul 1395

Reverse engineering - Part II


In the first part of this series of articles, the definition of reverse engineering and its applications in various sciences, industries, and processes were explained. Undoubtedly, you have already realized that reverse engineering is not a method for use just in industries, but also has a much wider application. From solving problems and testing methods to analyzing macro-defense and economic strategies of countries. However, in this series of articles, we attempted to examine the industrial uses of Reverse engineering, especially for parts, devices, and machines.

Methods of extracting the geometric dimensions

Reverse engineering of a device requires three types of information. At first glance, it may seem that the most important one will be a correct and complete understanding of geometric properties.
There are various methods and equipment for accurately measuring the dimensions of the part as the first step of the reverse engineering process. From a technological point of view, measurement methods in mechanical engineering are divided into two parts:
    Manual method(traditional)
    Computer-assisted method(modern)
Traditional laying methods include types of equipment such as micrometers, calipers, launchers, gauges, fixtures, etc.

Geometry measurement with modern methods

Advances in technology and the need to increase acceleration, reduce human intervention and error, and increase the accuracy and dimensional comparability of complex surfaces have led to the development and development of other methods for measuring the dimensions of components. For example, it is not possible to study the exact dimensions of the blade surface of a gas turbine with traditional methods. On the other hand, this measurement was necessary to regularly monitor the full dimensions of production parts in a factory, especially in sensitive parts to increase the quality of machine performance and prevent hazards. Therefore, methods based on computer systems and with the help of mechanical and optical sensors were presented in scientific and industrial centers. These methods are often used in quality factories and companies for quality control and other companies for reverse engineering. From these methods and equipment, the following can be mentioned.
- CMM(Coordinate Measuring Machine)
- Laser Scanner
- Cloud point Scanner
In CMM systems, which are the most accurate computer dimensional measuring equipment, a very accurate sensor(Probe) mechanically touch the surface of the object and is measured by sensors to measure the exact dimensions of the part. This system is very accurate but its measurement speed is low.

CMM measuring method

Laser Scanner equipment uses to check profiles accurately and fast. For example, in a bearing production line, this type of device can be used to measure Bore and OD or to check the cross-sectional profile of a gear. The advantage of Laser Scanner devices is their very high speed. with the laser measuring method, the cross-section of equipment and parts can be done even without stopping the production line.