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Adiabatic cooling tower middle east
7 Feb 1402

Adiabatic cooling tower middle east

Combined air-cooled and water-cooled cooling(hybrid)

As we explained in the previous articles, the hybrid cooling tower system is one of the ways to reduce water consumption. The main feature of the hybrid device is the use of air-cooled and water-cooled methods according to weather conditions.
Adiabatic cooling is known as another way to save water. Of course, in many cases, the adiabatic cooling device is introduced as an adiabatic cooling tower.
Typically, the price of an adiabatic cooling is in the range of a closed circuit hybrid cooling tower.

Working method of adiabatic hybrid cooling tower

Adiabatic cooling device consists of air cooled coil, evaporative pads, water spraying system, intelligent control system, fan and rotating equipment and body and chassis.
In conditions where the air temperature is sufficient to reduce the fluid temperature to the desired value, this device works similar to a V-shaped cooler (cold months of the year).
As the air heats up, the intelligent control system commands the adiabatic cooling to start spraying water on the pad. Water splashing on the pad and its evaporation leads to a decrease in the temperature of the incoming air. Therefore, in the hot months of the year and the summer season, Adiabatic cooling will be based on evaporation.

دستگاه تبخیری آدیاباتیک

Water consumption reduction calculations in adiabatic evaporative system

To calculate the amount of water saving in the adiabatic system, we must check the annual meteorological information of the project along with the desired inlet and outlet water temperature of the project. By using the tables and curves of wet bulb temperature and dry air temperature, you can get the average annual savings of hybrid adiabatic cooling with an accuracy of 8-15%, which of course is part of the consulting services and in addition to the cost, requires The time is between 3 and 4 weeks.
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