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Ultrasonic sewing machine

Ultrasonic sewing machine

Product design process

This device was designed for Fapen Company, which is one of the best companies in the field of ultrasonic. Before starting the product design process, we first heard their demands from the machine in meetings with the employer's representatives. In the next step, by starting the concept design, we tried to choose the best possible options.
We chose the sheet metal method to reduce production costs and at the same time reduce the manufacturing time of the machine. Of course, some parts were produced using CNC machines and machining and turning methods.

3D modeling and detail design with Solidworks

At the end of the product design phase, we assembled the 3D model of the device, which was modeled with Solidworks software. Then, using the capabilities of SolidWorks, we prepared the production map and the required file of each piece separately to perform prototyping operations in different workshops.

Finally, the ultrasonic sewing machine was assembled and tested, and with a few minor changes, the device was ready to use.
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