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Static analysis of grapple crane

Static analysis of grapple crane

Stress analysis and calculation of reliability

In this project, static simulation and analysis of stress and strain in the grapple machine were performed with the existing conditions, and according to the result obtained from stress simulation in SolidWorks, parts of the body were removed to reduce weight.

advantage of the FEM / FEA stress analysis method

One of the common applications of static simulation(weight and force) and stress and force simulation is to improve the condition of a device or part. Of course, we always recommend that stress simulation and analysis be done before construction and during the design process. Using stress analysis in the mechanical design process helps the manufacturer to reduce trial and error costs and prevent a problematic product from being introduced to the market. In addition to performing stress analysis and static simulation, the Solidworks Simulation Add-In also performs dynamic simulation, fatigue, buckling, and motion simulation.

FEM and FEA simulation in Solidworks

Description of the problem and the effect of Solidworks simulation

Industrial hoppers used for unloading and loading bulk materials are weight-limited. In this project, because the weight of the device was more than the allowed weight, we had to make changes to reduce the weight on it. To do this, we first performed static analysis, and the amount of stress, strain, and FOS (reliability coefficient) was calculated using the SolidWorks stress analysis section at different parts of the structure. In the continuation of the project, we lightened the main structure and then performed the required static analyzes again to ensure the correct performance of the structure.

Result of analysis in real world

During this project, and with the simulations performed with SolidWorks, we were able to reduce the weight of the industrial rake by about 25% without reducing the minimum reliability. To do this, about 8 simulations and static stress analysis were performed on hypothetical 3D models. In the end, according to the results we obtained, we optimized the 3D model and prepared the required construction plans for the employer, and delivered them to him.
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