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Fiberglass blade and parts

Fiberglass blade and parts

Fiberglass fan for cooling tower and air cooled heat exchanger

We can produce all kinds of FRP fans and blades using 2-pieces and 3-piceses mold technology in ARACo. To produce a mold from the fiberglass fan, first with the help of an existing blade sample, FRP fan mold will be produced and then the blade manufacturing operation begins.
In this method, the unit price will be reduced when you need more parts.  You can see a sample of a multi piece composite fan mold, in the following picture and you can also check the composite fiberglass blade which has been produced this mold.
fiber glass mold and part
fiberglass composite fanWe have a good background in fiberglass fans and blades(up to 10 meters or 30 feet)production. It is also possible to produce all kinds of fiberglass molds, composite parts for industrial uses.

Fiberglass(FRP,GRP) industrial parts and axial evaporative coolers

Another application of Fiberglass molding is the production of building facade components, industrial parts, and evaporative coolers. These parts must be made of light and durable material because they are always exposed to water spray, and for this reason, fiberglass parts are a very suitable and long-lasting option. We can produce complex composite and fiberglass parts up to 8 meters in size. The cost of making molds and producing fiberglass parts is usually equal to the samples purchased from China, with this difference that the quality of our products is much higher and its shipping costs are much lower. If you are working in Saudi Arabia, Oman, Qatar, Emirates, Kuwait and Iraq and looking for fiberglass manufacturer, you can contact us in WhatsApp and we give you free advice.

FRP axial evaporative coolerFiberglass(FRP) fan for cooling tower and air cooled heat exchanger
Fiberglass wind turbine blades
Stainless steel hubs and clamps for cooling towers
Fiberglass parts
Composite axial coolers(Evaporative)
FRP and GRP decorative bodies

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