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Fiberglass blade and molds

Fiberglass blade and molds

Fiberglass cooling tower fan

We can produce all kinds of FRP fans using 2-piece mold technology in ARACo. To produce a mold from the fiberglass fan, first with the help of an existing blade sample, a two-piece fan mold is produced and then the blade manufacturing operation begins.
In this method, the unit price will be reduced when you need more parts.  You can see a sample of a two-piece composite fan mold in the following picture and you can also check the composite fiberglass blade which has been produced this mold.
ساخت قالب فایبرگلاس فن و پره
بلید فایبر کامپوزیت
We have a good background in fiberglass fans and blades(up to 10 meters or 30 feet)production. It is also possible to produce all kinds of fiberglass molds, composite parts for industrial uses.

Fiberglass(FRP) cooling tower fan
Fiberglass wind turbine blades
Stainless steel hubs and clamps for cooling towers

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