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Design of medical equipment

Design of medical equipment

Medical equipment design and 3D Modeling

The design of medical equipment and products requires the avast amount of experience and elegance. It also needs a mediocre knowledge of health, genetics, and biochemicals to understand the necessities of medical products or equipment design. Iranian engineers at ARACo supply all the requirements of your design or reverse-engineering project. We assure you the most available quality at the most efficient cost. These projects can be fulfilled from the beginning (Feasibility study and Concept design) to the delivery of the prototype. Here in Iran, we may not be able to compete in mass production (especially against China!) but when it comes to design, reverse engineering and prototyping, no doubt that we challenge our rivals mightly.
Here at ARACo, we stay by your side until you reach your goals because we believe that when we became each other partners, our purposes are the same.

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