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Fire simulation with PyroSim

Fire simulation with PyroSim

PyroSim and FDS simulation and project

PyroSim is a graphical user interface for the Fire Dynamics Simulator (FDS). PyroSim helps companies to create and manage the details of complex fire models.
PyroSim and FDS are both using as main software to simulate the fire reaction in different environments like Building, parking lot, Subway, Tunnel, Cinema, Commercial office complex and…
Meanwhile, it is possible to define smoke detectors and sprinklers in the 3D model, to examine the current design in case of fire with both software.
Meanwhile, it is possible to link PyroSim results with Pathfinder software which is advanced movement simulation combined with high-quality 3-D animated results, gives reliable answers.

CFD - FDS - PyroSim projects : http://tunnel-industrial-ventilation.blog.ir/post/Tunnel-Ventilation-Design-CFD-PyroSim-Simulation