Articles and standards for tunnel ventilation and Industrial ventilation

Articles and standards for tunnel ventilation and Industrial ventilation

Tunneling Handbook Volume 1
 Volume I: Handbook of Tunnel Engineering Download   

Tunneling Handbook Volume 2
Handbook of Tunnel Engineering II_ Basics and Additional Services for Design and Construction.pdf   


Tunnel ventilation and measurement system simulation article
 tunnel ventilayion simulation and measuremt-paper-sweden.pdf   

Introduction to improve air quality impact on the environment - Piarc

The impact of nitrogen dioxide emissions in the tunnel article

investigate accidents in tunnels article

Disaster management standard in road tunnels - Piarc

Emissions standard in various industries

8670 national standard of flue gas and sampling

National standard for drinking water

National Building Regulations - thermal installations - air exchange and ventilation

Standard of emission from factories

Weather conditions in Iran for ventilation design

Occupational exposure limits for chemical contaminants

standard requirements piarc

The new tunnel safety instructions - Piarc


Design Basics railway tunnel ventilation article


Summary piarc standard for tunnel ventilation - 2012

Handbook of industrial ventilation (500 pages)

 Industrial Ventilation hand book.pdf   

Persian educational pamphlet of air conditioning

Simulated fires and in road tunnels book
 Fire simulation in road tunnels.pdf   

Simulation and Analysis of fire spreading in buildings and residential complexes
 Fire simulation in building.pdf   

fluids simulation of fire article



  Persian pamphlet of familiar with cooling towers and its variants

 ARACo-TA-95-10-01-Cooling tower.pdf   

NFPA 130 standard Free Download
 NFPA 130 - 2007.pdf   

Persian pamphlet of introducing industrial and commercial cooling parts
 ARACo-TA-95-20-01-Cooling Tower Parts.pdf   

Article of analysis and fires simulation in tunnels and subway stations - University Malardaln Sweden
 METRO_report (final).pdf   

design and simulation of air flow in ventilation parking article

Tunneling standards (ventilation and Safety) - Norway
 Norway tunnel standards.pdf   

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